Race Faction Description
Barbarian Alfheim, the Lost Valley
Dark Elf Archanon
Knight Crusaders of Mirea
Knight Crownsmen of Bartonia
Minotaur Beastmen of K’Varr
Orc Dark Orcs of Toragnar
Knight The Guardian Order
Plaguelords Plaguebearers of Treb T’lar
Barbarian Dragonslayers of Northern Reach
Empire New Lysean Empire
Undead Licheguard of Zhur
Ssrathi Night Ssrathi of Tzicolotl
Swarm Famra, the Mouth of Hunger
Barbarian Hunters of Daros
Knight The League of Gildine Merchants
Plaguelords Revenants of K’Oulis
Empire Diraqine Empire
Barbarian Riders of Trarg
Minotaur Order of the Broken Sword
Empire Thalassian Empire
Dwarf Khaz Agar
Dwarf Holy City of Duernoth
Orc Orcs of Kor
Dark Elf Doomwood, The Dark Forest
Wood Elf Sylvan Elves of Solhaven
Knight Longbowmen of Elenia
Minotaur Order of Malignus
Wood Elf Light Elves of Twilight Woods
Daemon Hadesha, World of Nightmares
High Elf Isle of Lunarion
Orc Graww
Dark Elf Yrm, Stronghold of Sorcery
Ssrathi Sun Ssrathi of Kalpaxotl
High Elf The White Council
Plaguelords Gol-Draaka
Swarm The Fertilum Sect
Dark Dwarf Khaz-Tor, the Cursed Empire
Orc Orcs of Darkmyr
Minotaur Raiders of the Pale Sea
Orc Goblin Mountain
Empire Selentine Empire
Undead Gharedlun, Garden of the Dead
Daemon The Dark Path
Fey Sacred Guard of Vivellius Madra
Minotaur Order of the Iron Fist
Knight Order of Crux Siria
Dark Dwarf The Verkanian Coalition
Empire Merchant State of Goldor
Wood Elf Forest of Silvermyr
Dwarf Khamar, City of Artifice
Daemon The Iron Fortress
High Elf Ehlariel, Citadel of Ice
Dwarf Drak-Dum, the Dragon Fortress
Barbarian Lindenloth
Barbarian Palmyr
Knight Theiran Trollslayers
Fey The Old Ones
Dark Elf Tierremar, Land of Eternal Grief
Swarm The Kagh’ri Sect
Undead The Legion of Mortuus
Ssrathi Tongu, the Blessed Haven