When playing Karma, expect a lot of surprises. There are many things out to kill you, so if you are not one who can tolerate deaths, it’s going to be tough!

Some primary goals are:

Establish a Hideout

Establishing a hideout is as simple as digging into a wall, and making chests and a crafting bench.

Make a Quartz Grindstone

A quartz grindstone is introduced by Applied Energistics 2 and allows you to turn 1 ore to 2 via grinding them into dusts and cooking them in a furnace. Later, other mod packs will do this better, but it’s very cheap and easy to make when starting off.

Learn how to use the NEI

NEI (Not Enough Items) is a modpack that makes nearly all recipes searchable inside your inventory screen. To use it, click the search box on the bottom center of your inventory screen. Type in the partial name of an item, in this case, grindstone You will see the item on the right side, you can click on it to get a recipe. When an item is shapeless crafting, that means it can be used at any crafting table. Click the wooden fan icon on the top center to see how to craft the sub-parts as well!