Karma has many mods that are hugely technology oriented between Thermal Expansion, Mekanism, IndustrialCraft2, and Ender IO. In this walkthrough, we go step by step on how to create a process that will give you 2x yield, meaning 1 raw ore will turn to 2 ingots.

Survivalist Generator

A simple, rugged way to get started with tech is building a survivalist generator. Survivalist Generator This device works much like a Furnace, allowing fuel-based items to generate RF to nearby blocks. The power output is crappy, but it’s enough until we get the REAL power generator, the turbine, later.

Metallurgic Infuser

Let’s power a Metallurgic Infuser, brought to us by Mekanism. Metallurgic Infuser This is a tool to create circuits and enriched alloys, and is the catalyst to all future mekanism creations. You’ll notice the Metallurgic Infuser is slow while crafting alloys and everything, so the best thing to make next is a power generator really worth it’s time.

Wind Turbine

Let’s replace the Survivalist Generator with crafting a Wind Turbine. Wind Turbine Wind Turbines yield MUCH better power than a survivalist generator. Once you’ve created the turbine, place it behind the metallurgic infuser to power it faster. No more reagent cost! The higher you build a wind turbine, the better the power yield is (it isn’t hugely problematic to run it low elevation though)

Enrichment Chamber

Remember the Quartz Grindstone created in the getting started guide? Let’s replace that with a tool that will automatically yield 2x resources per raw minerals provided.

Let’s use the enrichment chamber to get the process going. Enrichment Chamber An enrichment chamber takes the ore and yields it 2x. While TE’s pulverizer and Ender IO’s SAG Mill does the same thing, Mekanism has the most reliable 6x+ yield generation later as you build on it later.

Alloy Smelter

This is a huge milestone towards tech, let’s move it a little further with an Alloy Smelter from EnderIO (to help with making the ideal power cables) Alloy Smelter An alloy smelter is essentially a furnace, however it can make alloys, too, and will be needed for the cabling to wire both Metallurgic Infuser and Alloy Smelter at the same time from the single Wind Turbine.

Energy Conduit

Once made, start working on collecting the materials to create Energy Conduit. Energy Conduit While energy conduit may appear to be more costly than let’s say, Thermal Expansions' Leadstone Fluxduct or Mekanism’s Universal Cable, EnderIO’s conduits have unique properties of being able to stack multiple types of conduits in the same block space, as well as are truly universal to all energy types, including ME cabling. It’s the way to go, really.

And now with all this combined, you have a starting point for tech in karma. Conduit Setup

Note that it’s possible to auto-eject items from the Alloy Smelter to a nearby Chest, and also pull items from the Enrichment Chamber into the Alloy Smelter. We’ll get the items transferring FROM a chest shortly after, as well as many other steps of tech in following posts. Stay tuned!