Karma is a modpack for Minecraft, and is one of the most fun intense tech/exploration ones available. To play it, you’ll need ATLauncher

To install Karma, you need to:

  • Download ATLauncher.
  • Copy ATLauncher to a directory you store your games. (If you do not have one, save it in your Documents).
  • Run ATLauncher.
  • Pay attention to any java warnings. Mental note them in case things don’t work as planned, they should come up again the next time you run ATLauncher (to download etc later).
  • Once ATLauncher is up, go to the Accounts section. ATLauncher Main Menu >
  • Inside Account, place your username (email) and password for minecraft, and save it. (Yes, it’s ok even if it warns about it being insecure to remember). Save & Switch.
  • Go to Packs. In the top section, there’s a search bar for Karma. karma search
  • Click the new instance button.
  • When it’s finished downloading and setting up, go to the Instances section.
  • Press the Edit Mods option. Search for Draconic Evolution, and press the checkmark button to the left of it.
  • Click the Disable Mod button. Draconic Evolution should be seen on the right column, disabled.
  • Click close. Now press play.
  • Go to multiplayer in game, and Add Server.
  • Type in the address of the server you wish to join. Success!