There are many mods providing enchantments in the Karma modpack. Here’s a handy chart to describe each one in more detail.

Note that Tinkerer’s Construct is not able to be enchanted, nor can artifacts.

Enchantment Types Mod Description
Absorption Armor Vanilla Improves overall damage reduction
Agility Leggings MoreEnchants Gives a chance to dodge an attack
Aqua Affinity Helmet Vanilla Increases underwater mining speed and underwater vision
Auto-Smelt Weapons Vanilla Automatically smelts items when they are dropped from blocks or mobs
Bane of Arthropods, Sword Axe Vanilla Increases damage dealt to arthopods
Berserking Chest MoreEnchants Damage dealt is increased based on how low health is
Blast Protection Armor Vanilla Reduces explosive knockback and damage
Cleave Axe MoreEnchants Attacks deal damage in an arc in front of the wielder
Decay Sword Ender Zoo Applies Wither effect on hit for 5 seconds
Defusing Axe, Sword MoreEnchants Causes more damage to creepers
Disjunction Axe, Sword MoreEnchants Increases damage dealt to Enderman and Wither Skeletons
Dowsing Axe, Sword MoreEnchants Increases damage dealt to Blazes and Magma Cubes
Efficiency Axe, Pickaxe, Shovel Vanilla Increases tool mining speed
Execution Axe, Sword MoreEnchants Increases damage dealt by the % of the target’s missing health
Explosive Bow MoreEnchants Arrows cause explosions when hitting target or ground
Fire Aspect Sword Vanilla Ignites hit mobs
Fire Protection Armor Vanilla Extinguishes fire faster and reduces fire damage
Feather Falling Boots Vanilla Reduces fall damage
Flame Bow Vanilla Mobs are ignited by flames when hit by arrows
Fleet Footed Boots MoreEnchants Increases movement speed
Flim Flam All Openblocks Brings bad luck to anything that attacks the player, most are useless combat wise.(more)
Fortune Axe, Pickaxe, Shovel Vanilla Increases yield from blocks that drop items
Frost Bow MoreEnchants Arrows cause slowness effect on target
Fuel Efficiency Chest Simply Jetpacks Lowers the cost of fuel to fly with a jetpack
Harvest Axe, Pickaxe MoreEnchants Adds a unique effect
Ice Aspect Axe, Sword MoreEnchants Melee attacks cause target to be slowed
Infinity Bow Vanilla Arrows no longer are consumed
Knockback Sword Vanilla Knocks hit mobs back farther
Knowledge Helmet MoreEnchants Increaeses experience gained when picking up XP orbs
Last Stand Armor OpenBlocks When user is at half a heart, instead of dying from the next blow it uses XP levels to absorb damage
Leech Axe, Sword MoreEnchants Attacks return 10% of the damage dealt to the wielder
Looting Sword Vanilla Increases mob drops
Luck of the Sea Fishing Pole Vanilla Decreases junk catches while fishing and increases treasure chances
Lure Fishing Pole Vanilla Decreases time for fish to bite the hook
Mending Axe, Sword, Bow MoreEnchants Damage now instead heals the target
Mobility Leggings MoreEnchants Allows the wearer to step up 1 block
Poison Bow MoreEnchants Arrows cause poison on target
Poison Protection Armor MoreEnchants Reduces damage taken from poison effects
Power Bow Vanilla Increases damage dealt by arrows
Projectile Protection Body Pieces Vanilla Reduces damage by projectiles
Protection Body Pieces Vanilla Reduces damage taken by attacks
Punch Bow Vanilla Arrows cause increased knockback
Quickdraw Bow MoreEnchants Bows are now instantly pulled back
Respiration Helmet Vanilla Increases water breath time
Ressurection Book MoreEnchants A book enchanted with Ressurection will protect its holder from deadly damage, destroying itself in the process. (Can be used in inventory)
Sharpness Axe, Sword Vanilla Increases damage dealt
Silk Touch Axe, Pickaxe, Shovel Vanilla Mined blocks will drop themselves instead of their normal drops
Smite Axe, Sword Vanilla Increases damage dealt to undead
Soulbound All ? Item is not dropped on death, staying with you
Spellbane Axe, Sword MoreEnchants Increases damage dealt to Witches
Steadfast Chest MoreEnchants Increases resistance to knockback by 75%
Thorns Armor Vanilla Provides a chance for melee attackers to take damage when hit
Unbreaking All Vanilla Adds a chance to negative durability reduction
Unstable Armor OpenBlocks When taking damage, gunpowder will be consumed to create an explosion that damages mobs and blocks
Venom Axe, Sword MoreEnchants Melee attacks cause poison on target
Vorpal Axe, Sword MoreEnchants Adds a chance for hit mobs to drop their head on death, as well as occasional triple damage.
Withering Bow Ender Zoo Applies Wither effect on hit for 5 seconds
XP Boost Weapons MoreEnchants Increases experience gained from killing mobs