Chisel is a mod that is in the Karma modpack that allows you to decorate blocks.

Using Chisel

To craft a chisel, simply use a stick and an iron ingot. chisel recipe

With it, you can right click the chisel and drag-drop blocks to it’s slot on the top center of inventory. How to use chisel mod

Now, you’re free to make more pretty bridges Chisel Bridge

And unlock unique things, like turn glass into soul glass (mobs are unable to walk through it, but you can!) Soul Glass

Or make concrete, which improves your movement speed, great for highways! To make concrete, you simply need to cook gravel in a furnace, then use a chisel to transform it to asphalt or other concrete colors. Concrete in Chisel

The possibilities are endless for designing when chisel is included in your mod packs, and it’s prebuilt into Karma! Chisel is great, isn’t it?