Jul 22

Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Part 1 – Before the deku tree

Zelda has been a lifetime memory for me for so many years. My fondest of memories were playing Link to the Past for the Super Nintendo when it first came out in 1992 to the US. When Ocarina of Time came out, I did not rush to the store to purchase it, I was at the whim of my parents in order to get any new consoles, and I was perfectly happy with my super nintendo. Eventually I got Zelda for the N64, however, and it was always a good memory. The casual background music looping as you’re in the village especially captured a world that really brought the game to life. Seeing anything in 3D that the Nintendo 64 introduced was always caught myself dreaming about.

While in the village, you find a Kokiri sword by crawling under a hole. A boulder is predictably rolling around inside, that you must dodge and you get to experience your first trademark big chest event.  I always love the sounds of a chest opening. Jumping around and hearing Link yell out is annoying, probably more annoying than the meme following about the “HEY!” “LISTEN!” events Navi, your trusty fairy, yell out to you as you’re exploring the world of Hyrule.

Finding the shield is your only real goal in the village, it comes quickly once you discover the tree house shop and acquire enough rupees (conveniently, you can collect 5 coins just by jumping over the floating logs in the lake).

Now equipped with a sword and shield, I am off to talk to one of the lost boys (as I think of them) to allow passage to where the great deku tree lives. He awkwardly lets me pass by and this is where this blog article ends.

I can’t wait to fish.


Jan 16

Mail Blasts and You

So, I’ve been doing mail blasts lately and trying to discover the best bang for buck. I’ve reviewed a good 10 or 20 top mail marketing systems in the industry, and have concluded that my favorite thus far is: https://mandrillapp.com/
It has a pretty back end. It is simple to interface with the API. It has a 12k limit per month for free, and in general, it just works.

If you’re in the market for mail marketing, give it a try. You may be pleasantly surprised.

May 05

Comet Turret and Transium

Tried to simulate the rover hugging of PV.

Added Transium. I’m planning to design a 1mx1m box collider around it that when entered, causes a hit to happen on the transium that sees if the unit can pick it up or not. What if a rover with a ghost driving it picks it up? My plan: Not let it add TU. Only as an avatar or a mule/leech.

Also added Comet Turret. I still have some inheritance challenges I’d love to resolve, however networking has been that ugly interface I still want to incorporate properly. As my artist gives me models, I can’t resist the urge to put it in, since it gives the appearance the project is progressing more (since code is hard to track).

May 04


added behemoth. Still doing lots of internal (less easy to show) code.

The hard part about the behemoth is that it’s our first walker, so I need to sit down and get it animated.

We used this for conceptualizing.

Apr 30

Project Visitor catch up post.

Originally I was posting my updates here, and I still plan to, but they have an image limit and I tend to spam it so I’m going to use this for progress updates too!

Here’s my past updates:


Added Tain/Jitter (it makes sounds and animates all cool like.

and MASC, and got some textures in.

Mainly networking stuff, got basic client/server interactions, movement. Got MASC textured. HOD was also textured, but had some importing issues, so here’s a fast render in maya.:)

Spent more time with networking, but took a break to muck with HOD.. put efforts in recreating the original HOD.. I think it looks pretty decent!

Bumpmapping/specular shaders, real basic prototype.

Worked more on multiplayer, positioning, rotation. (Never done Unity/Windows Networking before, so a lot of learning)

Here’s the first network attempt, Visiter was nice enough to try it out with me.

Guns shooting, corp respect, respawning, network sync, etc.

Added basic login UI

Did some more networking testing, and R&D for extrapolating solutions

Did some avatar physics tweaks, added ridigbodies instead of character colliders.
Also started writing a rover calculator in php to help me understand internal values better (and be helpful to others)

Added Dreadnaught/Maelstrom

First building: Added Rover Yard (not skinned yet, and not scaled properly)