Jul 30

Kohana Cheat Sheet 3.x

This cheat sheet is used for Kohana 3.3. I will be updating this information as I gain insight. If you feel I have any mistakes or errors comment below and I’ll make adjustments.

  • Arr – Array Helper Class

    • public static binary_search( mixed $needle , array $haystack [, boolean $sort = bool FALSE ] ) – Binary search algorithmn
    • public static callback( string $str ) – Creates a callable function and parameter list from a string representation. Note that this function does not validate the callback string.
    • public static extract( array $array , array $keys [, mixed $default = NULL ] ) – Retrieves multiple keys from an array. If the key does not exist in the array, the default value will be added instead.
    • public static flatten( array $array ) – Convert a multi-dimensional array into a single-dimensional array.
    • public static get( array $array , string $key [, mixed $default = NULL ] ) – Retrieve a single key from an array. If the key does not exist in the array, the default value will be returned instead.
    • public static is_array( mixed $value ) – Test if a value is an array with an additional check for array-like objects.
    • public static is_assoc( array $array ) – Tests if an array is associative or not.
    • public static map( mixed $callback , array $array ) – Recursive version of array_map, applies the same callback to all elements in an array, including sub-arrays.
    • public static merge( array $a1 , array $a2 ) – Merges one or more arrays recursively and preserves all keys. Note that this does not work the same as array_merge_recursive!
    • public static overwrite( array $array1 , array $array2 ) – Overwrites an array with values from input arrays. Keys that do not exist in the first array will not be added!
    • public static path( array $array , mixed $path [, mixed $default = NULL , string $delimiter = NULL ] ) – Gets a value from an array using a dot separated path.
    • public static pluck( array $array , string $key ) – Retrieves muliple single-key values from a list of arrays.
    • public static range( [ integer $step = integer 10 , integer $max = integer 100 ] ) – Fill an array with a range of numbers.
    • public static unshift( array & $array , string $key , mixed $val ) – Adds a value to the beginning of an associative array.
Jul 23

Smooth McGroove bops Temple Theme

Listening to Smooth do Zelda II: The Adventures of Link is always a pleasant surprise to hear great harmonics to a theme you love and adore.

zelda legendary hero heart boquet

A widget gadget of zelda inspiration

normally hear. He covers a wide variety of video game covers, with a large amount dedicated to Nintendo games. On his stream, he loves to play Mario Kart and hum various tunes, and his YouTube channel is absolutely fun to subscribe and see his renditions.

Jul 23

Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Part 2 – the deku tree dungeon

Ahhh, the deku tree dungeon. I had issues during this play of blocking with the shield, because my hotkey on the controller wasn’t set properly…. so I died to the deku creature spitting nuts. As a child, the aggravations of the skull spiders was really a challenge, only because it required patience, sitting there watching the thing dangle and taunt you, until it shows it’s weakness. The heart beep sound in Zelda is always a memory of annoyance, for sure. Oh how I wish it would be phased out and a visual indicator was used instead. The gold skull spiders is an achievement I’ve never actually obtained in any run through of Ocarina of Time, I may actually try to achieve it this run through.

Zelda ocarina of time skull spider

Link facing a skull spider in Ocarina of time

The secret revealed sound still gives a euphoric sense of accomplishment when I hear it in this series. The composer of Zelda really nailed it great when they designed many aspects of this game. It appears Koji Kondo was the original composer, kudo’s to koji! The traps in Zelda were never too challenging, but enough to require you to keep constant attention in order to not miss anything. A great mix, really, when you consider the amount of content in these series.

Sneaking by the spider is always difficult, how the spider darts at you while you’re vulnerable on the wall always gave a little shrill of fear as a child, and even to this day it’s a bit scary. It’s fun to see how many puzzles I still remember to this day due to the amount of time I spent trying to figure them out so long ago. The timer switch puzzles were always a difficult venture, trying to figure out how long until it’s going to speed up and cause you to have to retry.

I’ll be continuing countless reviews like this, talking about my experiences playing Zelda this time, and any

A pixel heart mug from thinkgeek

Pixel heart from thinkgeek

memories that arise during my experiences playing it again. I always love hearing stories being shared by others as well, so feel free to comment accordingly!



Jul 22

Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Part 1 – Before the deku tree

Zelda has been a lifetime memory for me for so many years. My fondest of memories were playing Link to the Past for the Super Nintendo when it first came out in 1992 to the US. When Ocarina of Time came out, I did not rush to the store to purchase it, I was at the whim of my parents in order to get any new consoles, and I was perfectly happy with my super nintendo. Eventually I got Zelda for the N64, however, and it was always a good memory. The casual background music looping as you’re in the village especially captured a world that really brought the game to life. Seeing anything in 3D that the Nintendo 64 introduced was always caught myself dreaming about.

Thinkgeek shield shirt

Zelda shield shirt from thinkgeek

While in the village, you find a Kokiri sword by crawling under a hole. A boulder is predictably rolling around inside, that you must dodge and you get to experience your first trademark big chest event.  I always love the sounds of a chest opening. Jumping around and hearing Link yell out is annoying, probably more annoying than the meme following about the “HEY!” “LISTEN!” events Navi, your trusty fairy, yell out to you as you’re exploring the world of Hyrule.

Finding the shield is your only real goal in the village, it comes quickly once you discover the tree house shop and acquire enough rupees (conveniently, you can collect 5 coins just by jumping over the floating logs in the lake).

Now equipped with a sword and shield, I am off to talk to one of the lost boys (as I think of them) to allow passage to where the great deku tree lives. He awkwardly lets me pass by and this is where this blog article ends.

I can’t wait to fish.


Jan 16

Mail Blasts and You

So, I’ve been doing mail blasts lately and trying to discover the best bang for buck. I’ve reviewed a good 10 or 20 top mail marketing systems in the industry, and have concluded that my favorite thus far is: https://mandrillapp.com/
It has a pretty back end. It is simple to interface with the API. It has a 12k limit per month for free, and in general, it just works.

If you’re in the market for mail marketing, give it a try. You may be pleasantly surprised.

May 05

Comet Turret and Transium

Tried to simulate the rover hugging of PV.

Added Transium. I’m planning to design a 1mx1m box collider around it that when entered, causes a hit to happen on the transium that sees if the unit can pick it up or not. What if a rover with a ghost driving it picks it up? My plan: Not let it add TU. Only as an avatar or a mule/leech.

Also added Comet Turret. I still have some inheritance challenges I’d love to resolve, however networking has been that ugly interface I still want to incorporate properly. As my artist gives me models, I can’t resist the urge to put it in, since it gives the appearance the project is progressing more (since code is hard to track).